2/5/16 by Mary Buchholz

"I'm too tired. "

"There aren't enough hours in the day."

"My dog (child, spouse, parent) needs me to go for a walk (cook dinner, pay bills, do laundry, play) with her (him).

"The house must be cleaned." 

There are always a multitude of reasons not to write.  For those of us in the classroom you can add a long list of school tasks to keep pen from paper or fingers from keyboard. But if we are to be writing teachers or trainers, as Chris Lehman suggests, we must write. We must share our stories, our process, our struggles to help our students see the many pathways to sharing the stories we carry with us. We all have stories and our stories matter. Our students have stories and their stories matter.

When is the write time? How about ten minutes at the start or end of the day- maybe between bites during lunch? What about a psuedo campfire on the carpets of our classrooms where students can write their stories in the air before committing them to paper or screen?  What about the first five minutes of any staff meeting when things are still getting organized and folks are settling in? Tried locking yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes? How about giving yourself a "time-out" to think and write?

Here is a suggestion to get you started. Try adding a series of bullets on a page in your writer's notebook or document. Jot down prompts for the stories you are carrying with you right now. Go ahead. This could be the write time for you. Don't let me stop you. Keep going. Pay no attention to the teacher writing this post. Just keep writing. 

If you happen to find one of those ideas begging you to start, go ahead. Start writing. It's the write time. You matter and your story matters.

There isn't one process that allows stories to go from brain to paper or screen. Find the write time in your day and your students will benefit and so will you. 

When is it the write time? How about right now?

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