Skylar Primm and His Bright Idea

Skylar Primm

Skylar Primm (2015 GMWP Summer Institute) recently joined the ranks of published writers with the publication of his article which narrates his experiences teaching at High Marq Environmental Charter School in Montello, Wisconsin, a school that promotes a project-based curriculum where students choose their topics and work across the disciplines. The article is about a success story - a student who struggled with the confines of her traditional public school environment and found ways to succeed with more freedom to move about (literally) and to choose her projects.   Although it took the student a bit of time to trust herself and the freedom provided by the school, she learns to trust both herself and her school.


The many positive comments that follow this article are a testament to the reception of Skylar’s school, his teaching, and his writing; the student’s engagement; and other teachers’ needs for the similar kinds of teaching opportunities.


Skylar concluded his piece with a profound question for us all to ponder, “How can we expect students to follow their passions in life if we don’t let them practice doing it in school?


The article is published on-line at the educational news journal Bright.  You can follow Skylar’s publications via the Bright website.  Skylar said that Bright has “become a valuable source of inspiration and conversation about the amazing things happening in education right now.”  


Bright article picture