College, Career, and Community Writers Program

The National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program answers the contemporary call for respectful argument discourse. Professional development, instructional resources, and assets-based formative assessments support students in reading critically, exploring multiple points of view, engaging in discussions to better understand diverse perspectives, and ultimately writing to take a stand on important issues.

Key Features of C3WP include:

  • Intensive and embedded teacher-to-teacher professional development to support classroom instruction in the teaching of argument writing
  • A year-long arc of intentionally sequenced instructional materials and resources that support students’ developing skills in writing arguments
  • Formative assessment tools that help educators determine what their students can do and where to focus next instructional steps

Learn more about the College, Career, and Community Program (C3WP) from the National Writing Project.

The Greater Madison Writing Project is proud to offer an ongoing and embedded professional development, instructional resources, and formative assessment. Learn more about our C3WP offerings! Contact: mdziedzic[at] for information!