Overview of Programs

Teacher Leadership in Writing: Yearlong Institute

Join our community of practice starting summer 2022 and working and learning together throughout the 22-23 school year!

Online Community Meetings

Join the Greater Madison Writing Project for our online community gatherings to meet old friends and new, take time for yourself to write, get and give great ideas for your classroom.

What We Can Become: An Online Yearlong Institute

Join us for one week online in summer and monthly meetings during the school year as we learn from the pandemic and racial justice uprisings to build better classrooms, schools, and communities.

Invitational Summer Institute

Educators spend four weeks immersed in reading, writing, and teacher inquiry workshops, ultimately returning to their schools as GMWP Teacher-Leaders.

Invitational Yearlong Institute

Educators spend two weeks in summer reading, writing, and researching their own teaching of writing. During the school year, participants meet monthly to support one another as they follow the action research process.

College, Career, and Community Writers Program

C3WP answers the contemporary call for respectful argumentative discourse.  The instructional resources help teachers and students read critically, explore multiple points of view, and finally take a stand on important issues.